A GAME YOU PLAY; LIFE IN THE WORLD.Maybe you don't know you live this world ,a Sportsman/Woman.
You're playing the world as a Game.Every one is got a free access to contest in the tournaments of life. Yeah! You got the ticket,free!!The ticket is there with you everytime  inasmuch you have the breathe of life to breath.And here is the equal standard of Man.
Equality in all.
Though death is a leveler, life in breaths,also equates the livelihood of Man.You must understand you're living for a reason not to be undimed due to pressures ,hardships, endurance,pains, and some other pulling forces. You must not compel!
You see, many compel to life situations blindly without a even approach.Many are turned stooges and puppets all because they lack the literacy of life. Even  its Basics. And draggedly they surrender to pains in languish and horror.
The worst mistake ever! Be learned of the truth that man isn't just living this world for bread and butter and after all death as the…


THE LIVING DEADToday, 9th March, 2018. I visited the Federal Medical centre(FMC) at Abeokuta. Not for illness or ill health. Just to check on God's living creatures. Many defected and afflicted. I couldn't take time interviewing patients. The 24hrs serene played expressed words out of the dumbed patients already. Pitiably, I watched the living dead. I tell, I Behold many of them. Ambulances drove in and out. It was a medical centre of many quarters, wards and offices. The casualty department is such a horrible place to temporarily stay. Bloody and peace porn. Bones disjointed and toothless men. I cried their fate and agony they pass through. Solemnly I cried "God have mercy!" Do I call these misfortune or many suffer as a result of their misdeeds and naughtiness?I left for the physiotherapy department conceiving the fact that it would be less horrible. Hey! It wasn't.There the people I saw were mostly stroke, paralysis and accident victims. I was filled with awe …


THE PRINCE OF PERSIA (By Abegunde Israel) Deaf to the gracious pleas, the whistled horn.
He's got the mercy garment torn.
Ravaging in the darkest Night,
In the castle of no Light.
He's one of them!
He lives in a jungle of Vampires. Oh! Jingle jungle!
He roams the jungle. 
He is a dreadful lion,
A dangerous Python.
Here or there, a Chameleon. Renting the air, there are voices;
The weeps and wails men.
The templed tent is rent and cut in twain!
Come! Oh come! Speaks the breathing voices;
Pleading a Nazareth's Messiah.Who can his mother be?
Of Virtue, Prime and Value?
Who can his ancient be?
This child of great massacre and Peace taboo;
A blinded prince of doom.Here is a god we found!
He tells of truth and blooded lines.
His truths are weighed but not in pounds.
That this Persian prince;
A child spoilt at the string of his mother's apron.
© 2018


A TREASURED HERITAGE. My home from church is a 30 minutes walk.
So it's Sunday. A Sabbath preserved and dedicated to consecration, sacred and holy.
I hurriedly ate my breakfast. It was a plate of cooked Yam and fried Egg. I kicked my boots a go and headed to church. While I was going, after a trek of about twenty minutes, almost reached church. I  could hear the drums, gun shots, people's chant, wavy bodies and dancing steps. I saw hundred of heads encircle a mighty beast. "What's all these?" My eyes really can't relate the visioned drama to pass it off the Brain to amplify. Indeed a horrific Figure. It wore a carved helmet that frightens peace and call on fear. With great enthusiasm, the trooping crowd cheered the great styled Beast with traditional praise songs. I held my Bible firm and close. Stood at a corner and watch the helmeted Robot dance. "Oh! How it moves." I checked the time. It was 8:30am and I was late for the Sunday school class alr…
WHO CARES? While you walk the paths a lone ranger, and all seems blur, dark and naive.
The world turns left while you turn right. Oh! The world backs you.
What hope, confidence, and belief do you have? . Which of your life belongings can you boast of?
Who cares? Somehow dark and dreary. "oh! My very once Ego, pride and joy". All a fairy tale. "But who really cares and understand?".
Friend sometimes are Chameleon. The very ones you loose faith and trust in them when things go wrong.
Though you've been old time friends and walking distance of crooked paths.
I tell you, kiss challenges , they'll wave you off.
Hey man! Life isn't Bread and Butter. Well many stands the problems of life, hold on to the tie and bond of love and say "Never!. What consolation do you have in your parents and siblings when the worst comes and yet you couldn't point at them. Say I have a Father, Mother, Brother or Sister?
Who cares? " I honestly loose ties with…


Welcoming you into a world of the Able  and Disable. I tell you, its a challenging world. And you are privileged and several others to contest in the tournaments of life.
You live now holding a ticket to contest, a chance to change your world and come on board. Here you got to "Challenge Challenges Challenged by the Challenger". Its a war posed to every Pilgrim. You don't talk race and segregations here. You are one journeying through life. The odds is to be faced! The worst is to come, confusion and Dilemma of course will dare your grounds. The hurdles to stand your way and knock your feet back the ground. The winds and wavy storms of life! The ground shaking quakes and hurricanes of destruction will surely test your Faith and Courage. You definitely have battles to fight. While you progress, several humans and vampires of success stands the gate you need pass through, a linking bridge to Success. An access to dreamt Dreams and Mapped Destinations. Huge, Tall, Fat, Slim…


#IMPOSSIBLEOh I have a dream
I need pursue,
My dream, my all
My life, my toil
My peace my joy
My hope my pay
My crown my cry
My hates my fate
My faith my fate. Are you to drop the keys?
Hey no!
Yes, several attempts but ghostlike view
The padlock rust in walls and rust in bronze
Oh I need a lubricant!
What for?
To turn the key awheel around
and make it crack the crook
that gear the metals home You dare not walk my ground!
You stranger here and I be Lord
I own the keys to proud around
Your keys be kid to fool aloud
You weird and not so keen!
You roar like wild to jungle cleanSo fool the fooled
And walk afree
He's got a voice to roar alone
Kill the fact and dine in wine!
Impossible be possible. #The_BEST_of_you
© Abegunde Israel.